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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is caries?
Dental caries is a defect or an infectious disease, where bacteria in the oral cavity, disintegrates the food 
(sugar), to the level of resulting acid which reduces the pH. When the pH is lower (5.2- 5.5)  the acid 
starts the process of demineralization of enamel, causing tooth decay.

 At what age, should children begin to brush their teeth?
 You should start washing the milky teeth as soon as they erupt. In the beginning, the parents should use 
a wet piece of gauze wrapped around the finger, several times a day. Later, when milky molars emerge, 
you should start using a children's toothbrush without toothpaste, exactly marked and designed for the 
age. It is still not enough for the child to just brush its teeth alone, so parents must clean their teeth 
additionally. Slowly, through the game, parents should explain to children how to properly wash their 
teeth.   The toothpaste should be used from the third year School child should be known how to brush 
their teeth. Parents should still, from time to time, verify, and whether the hygiene is good and again 
stimulate and encourage the child.

When it's time for your child's first visit to the dentist?
Bring your child to the dentist as soon as possible. Come and get useful advice as soon the first milky 
tooth erupts, and while all teeth are healthy.  This way, it will not cause revulsion and trauma nor 
unpleasant experience at the dentist. Let your child get the impression that the arrival at the dentist is 
completely normal part of life and may in time accept such a habit. Also, all measures to prevent caries, 
can be applied which will result in your child's healthy teeth and mouth, happy parents and happy 

 How often do you need to wash your teeth?
The best option is to wash your teeth after every meal. Unfortunately, in practice this is not viable so its 
advised to wash them at least, twice a day, morning and evening.

 Which toothbrush should I use?
Use the brush that is designed for your child's age, in the beginning soft (SOFT) and later, for school age, 
the medium hardness (MEDIUM). Adults should also use brushes of medium hardness, unless the 
dentist for some reason does not propose another. Today, there are brushes with different additives 
that help to brush their teeth, but for good hygiene its enough to thoroughly clean your teeth with 
classical brush.

Which toothpaste is best?
For children, it is toothpaste for children, with various tastes and Fluor depending on age. For adults, 
there are also pastes with fluorides on the market in the group of high-quality toothpastes. Your dentist, 
after a check up, can recommend toothpaste: toothpaste for sensitive necks of teeth, gums, etc. for 

How to clean areas and contact between two teeth?
Proper and regular brushing of teeth is only a part of proper hygiene. It should be complemented by 
cleaning between the teeth using floss or interdentall brushes. Make sure you get  a detailed 
explanation from your dentist about how to use these tools.

 How to reduce the risk of cavities with the diet?
Try to consume sticky and sugary foods such as chocolate, candy, caramel candy, sticky cakes, and 
sweetened beverages as little as possible. It is best to eat sweets as a dessert and then mandatory brush 
your teeth. It is advisable to have a diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals, especially foods that 
does not stick to the teeth and stimulate self-cleaning potential in the mouth: black, integral or corn 
bread, apples, carrots and other fruits and vegetables, fish etc

Is anesthesia safe?
There are a number of different anesthetic used in dentistry and a bad reaction rarely occur. Usually 
patient’s reaction is connected with a fear of the needle and the procedure itself.
 Anesthesia during pregnancy or not?
Yes, there are anesthetic solutions that are safe for a pregnant woman and a child.
 Is radiation in the course of recording the teeth, harmful?
The amount of radiation during the recording of the tooth is minimal and poses no threat to the health 
of the patient.

Dental imaging during pregnancy?
During pregnancy, especially in the first three months, pregnant woman should not take dental or other 
x rays . Therefore, all future mothers are advised to pre-conception visit the dentist, check if all your 
teeth are healthy; make panoramic footage in order to know all about required repairing all problematic 

 Do extraction of the nerve hurt when it must be removed?
When decay in a tooth spreads to the nerve and when due to the action of bacteria, the nerve become 
inflamed, it has to got to be removed. The endodontic (root canal) treatment of teeth should be 
undertaken by using different endodontic tools. This treatment is very painful and is mandatory 
performed under local anesthesia.
Does the gangrenous tooth must be removed?
There is a way to treat tooth with gangrene by application of various drugs into the canals of teeth. The 
treatment lasts longer than the treatment of teeth with inflamed nerve. Such teeth usually have an 
infection on top of the root and often the definite cure is achieved by surgery (removal of periapical 
lesions). In the event that none of these methods are effective or if a tooth is badly damaged by decay 
and infection, the only solution is extraction of the tooth. Otherwise problems can become very serious 
and endanger the health of the patient. There may be large collections  of pus, pain, difficult  while 
opening the mouth, fever and so on.

 Do not immerse the wound after tooth extraction?
Washing the wound with water or hot tea can provoke a later bleeding from wounds or eject blood clot 
from wound which would result in a painful, prolonged and difficult healing process

How to brighten darkened, treated tooth?
If there is enough tooth substance such tooth can be submitted to treatment with bleaching gels in 
several sessions. When you reach the desired color, the tooth can be sealed with definitive filing . In the 
event that the crown of the tooth is severely damaged by decay, the solution is the creation of artificial 
crowns in the color of natural teeth.

 Does the scaling damage teeth?
Dental tartar is removed with the ultrasonic device, whose micro vibrations painlessly and quickly clean 
tartar. From the amount of the tar, depends the duration of scaling. After calculus removal is done the 
teeth are polished. Proper technique does not damage teeth.

 Are black, metal fillings better and stronger than white?
White (composite) fillings do not stand behind in quality or durability, compared to amalgam (black 
metal) fillings.  The white fillings are aesthetically much better, while amalgam fillings are proven to be 
toxic because they contain mercury. In all developed countries of the world they are slowly retracted 
from use and in Norway  it is no longer used.

What is an implant?
A dental implant is a structure which, by placing in the jaw bone has a duty to fully simulate the function 
of the tooth root. It is installed in the jawbone to support different tooth restoration or to stabilize 
dentures. There are also implants that are used as an aid to appliances used in orthodontic treatment. 
Will my body reject the implants?
Except in special cases (radio and chemo therapy), the human body is fully capable to accept implants 
because they are usually made from titanium, a material that does not cause allergic reactions and 
reactions to foreign bodies ,its non-toxic nor mutagenic and its incorporation into the jawbone stimulate 
its growth so that it becomes the part of its structural and functional integrity. Proper surgical 
techniques, implants of reliable manufacturers and the implementation as well as proper diagnostic 
process, guarantee implant duration.

 Implant or bridge?
When one tooth is missing and there is a sufficient quantity of healthy bone and gums, it is advisable to 
place an implant as it does not damage adjacent teeth. To make a bridge that should compensate the 
lack of a tooth, two adjacent teeth have to be milled to support the bridge. Bridges are made in cases 
where there are no conditions for implantation and when the teeth that should carry the bridge are 
already indicated for crowns or when it is the patient’s  preference.

 Does implant placement hurt?
The implant is surgically installed under local anesthesia so the patient does not feel pain. After the 
effects of anesthesia ware of, that pain is eliminated by taking painkillers.

 Bridges on implants?
Immediately after implant placement, the patient can receive temporary crowns or bridges. For 
definitive crowns or bridges we usually have to wait three months. This is the period required to lead to 
a bone growth and provide implant firmness (osseointegration).

 Is there an age limit for the implant?
With the exception of children where the growth and development of jaws have not been completed, 
there is no age limit for implant placement. If there are good conditions for the installation of implants, 
the patient is not an obstacle. Even when these conditions are unfavorable, with certain surgical 
procedures, they can be corrected.

 Is diabetes obstacle to implant?
In patients with diabetes, implants can be placed if diabetes is treated, under control.

 What is success rate for implant placement?
Very high, over 99%, when proper surgical technique is applied and implants are from trusted 
What is the guarantee for implants?
Usual   guarantee is for 5 years. Of course, this means an excellent maintenance of oral hygiene and 
regular, scheduled check-ups with your dentist. Well placed implant of recognized manufacturers can 
last a lifetime.

 What brands of implants are implanted in your practice?
In our practice we use implants of only two leading Swedish manufacturer Straumann and Nobel 

What dentists placing implants?
Implants should be installed by specialists in oral surgery and maxillofacial specialists who have had an 
additional training in the field of implantology. In our office implant therapy is conducted by Dr. Nikica 
Burgermajster, Specialist in Oral Surgery.

How many implants can support the bridge in the edentulous (toothless) jaw?
It is best to install 8 implants per jaw, but this number may be smaller or greater depending on the 
conditions for implant placement.

 What is the advantage of total prosthesis, which relies on implants compared to ordinary total denture?
There are several benefits: Prosthesis is fixed and stable in the mouth, there is a danger that it can drop 
out of the mouth during speech or laughter, there are no difficulties during chewing, prosthesis can be 
reduced compared to ones without implant support, it is easily removed and returned to the mouth 
after cleaning, can be made in adverse conditions where otherwise your total prosthesis without 
implants would not be held.

 Does upper denture on implants have a palate?
Such prostheses have palate, but what in some cases can be quite reduced.

 What is prosthesis with attachments (anchors)?
This is a partial (partial) prosthesis which is anchored , with the aid of attachment (anchors, snaps) to 
natural teeth, covered with specially designed crowns. The aesthetic is more acceptable because there 
are no visible metal hooks that are part of classical partial denture. Attachments are masked and you 
cannot see it.
What are wizil dentures?
This is a partial denture with the skeleton made of cast metal and  maximum net surface of the 
prosthesis. It has cast hooks that are attached to the remaining teeth in the jaw. It is much more stable 
than the classical acrylic partial denture and easier to be accepted by patients.

 Which bridge is better: the gold or alloy based?
Gold in modern dental prosthetics is almost completely out of use. Today, in modern prosthetics we use 
CAD/ CAM systems, computer assisted technology to elaborate fixed prosthesis, so that the methods of 
making reimbursement of gold are completely technologically obsolete. Modern systems as well as 
material s for a fixed prosthesis, does not include gold. The materials used for making a fixed prosthesis 
with CAD CAM systems have all of the advantageous properties of gold. The most important one is 
biocompatibility, which means that it does not cause allergic nor foreign body reactions . One of these 
materials is titanium.

 Can you see the metal  on the metal based  bridge or crown?
 No, because the metal is covered with ceramic in the color of natural teeth. Only if there is a gum 
withdrawal, the metal edge can be seen.

What are veneers?
Veneers are thin ceramic that are fixed to the teeth and cover their front surface.

Crown or veneer, on the front teeth?
If a tooth is damaged to a lesser extent and at the same time there are not many cavities nor massive 
filings on it, the veneer can be placed.  In cases where the tooth is too damaged it is necessary to do the 
crown.  Latest CAD CAM technology allows us to create a Glass ceramic crowns and whole ceramic 
crowns made of identical material and technology as veneers.

 Do I need to mill the tooth for Veneer and how long does the production take?
      To create a veneer, we have to remove a very thin layer of enamel, and only from the front side of 
the teeth. The procedure of making veneer, based on impression is complex and takes about a week.

 When you should carry a mobile and when fixed orthodontic appliance?
     The choice of treatment depends on the diagnosis and the age of the patient. Mobile is mainly used 
for children in the period of intensive growth.  Adults are advised fixed orthodontic appliance.
When is the best time to start correcting irregular teeth position?
Early detection of irregularities in teeth position gives a better prognosis for successful treatment. The 
first preventive inspection should be carried out around the seventh year.
Does the fixed orthodontic appliance must be made of  metal ?
No,  it does not have to be completely metallic, ceramic braces may be almost invisible and ligatures 
(rubber bands, connecting wire and brackets) can be in different colors. The wire may be white and it 
makes the  complete orthodontic appliance aesthetically very acceptable. When the conditions allow it 
fixed orthodontic appliance can be placed on the inner side of the teeth. Then  it create some problems 
with speech but patients quickly adapt and modify speech.

 How many hours a day must  carry a mobile device for treatment to be successful?
You should carry it 14-16 hours a day, longer wear contributes to better and faster results.

 What is the frequency of controls while carrying the fixed orthodontic appliances?
When wearing a fixed appliance regular checks are usually carried out once a month.

 Is teeth whitening harmful to tooth enamel?
Not if used bleaching agents are recommended or applied by your dentist. There is a number of 
different bleaching agents on the market which can be applied and which themselves do not give the 
desired effect.

 Is home teeth whitening, safe ?
Home tooth whitening is absolutely safe and it is very important to follow the advice given to you by 
your dentist.

 Does putting dental jewelry (zircon) damages the tooth and whether the zircon can be downloaded?
The process of placing dental jewelry is completely safe and painless and does not damage the enamel. 
If desired, can be removed and reinstalled.

 What is the cost of recording and what types of recording work?
Digital panoramic X 1000.00 RSD
Digital dental radiograph: 350.00 RSD
Children ortopan: 1000.00 RSD
Skanogram: 1000.00 RSD

What are the advantages of digital recording?
The advantages of digital recording are numerous, the most important are:
Reduced radiation dose during recording even up to 70%
Multiply better quality shots and considering that , the footage that we get on the computer have huge 
processing capabilities.  Additional analyzes that dentists  are provided with give better image, the 
easier diagnosis and  better treatment.
All anatomic structures and pathological lesions in teeth and jaw are clearly visible.
The ability to record parts of the jaw (lateral region of the left, right and frontal region) where the 
radiation is reduced by another 30%.
Images are printed after processing , on the (film) special medical foil of high resolution, it is also 
possible to record footage to digital media and sent via the Internet without reducing the quality/
Images are easily stored in the database and are accessible at all times.
In the case of loss of the patients recording , by patient or a dentist, it can be reissued  without new 

Who does the recording  of your teeth?
  In our diagnostic center ,senior radiology technicians, specially trained and licensed for this kind of 
recording  ar in charge of dental imaging. Their work is contro is performed by dentists with licenses for 
the control and protection against ionizing radiation and radiation activity.

 How long does the recording  take and does it hurt?
The recording process is very fast, with printing of footage, it  takes a few minutes, .Dental imaging 
absolutely does not hurt and is not uncomfortable for the patient.

 What are the measures of protection during shooting?
In addition to the modern digital cameras, minor radiation doses and radiation beam closely confined to 
the region that is recorded , we pay special attention and set high standards to protect the health of 
patients and staff, during recording.
All patients are protected  with special lead aprons that  protect other parts of the body of the 
secondary ionizing radiation.
All devices are certified by the agency for protection from ionizing radiation of the Republic of Serbia.
Control  of devices and staff is  regularly performed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine and 
Protection  "Dr Dragomir Karajović"
Is dental imaging safe for the  children?
Recording is absolutely safe for children.  While making x –rays for children ,special  modes with reduced 
air field and much lower dose of radiation than normal, is used. Even if your dentist i does not 
emphasize the use of  smaller  air field for a child, the machine itself, based on the child's age does not 
allow other types of recording.

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