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Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics


Prosthodontics is the field of dentistry that deals with the reconstruction of damaged teeth, replacement of lost tooth or group of teeth.

We are professional trained to provide you with all types of prosthetic s, according to international standards using the most advanced dental equipment and technology and the highest quality materials of world recognized manufacturers.

We produce all types of fixed prosthesis with the latest computerized CAD-CAM technology.

We install dental implants and elaborate all kinds of fixed and removable prosthetic restorations on implants.

Protetske nadoknade mogu biti:

FIXED-cemented to the abutment teeth or dental implants and remain permanently fixed.

Fixed prosthetics are crowns and bridges that can be made on the teeth, implants or a combination of the abutment teeth and dental implants.

In addition, fixed prosthetic includes ceramic (veneers) and ceramic inlays (ceramic fillings that are made in the laboratory and then cemented to the tooth.).

MOBILE, REMOVABLE DENTURES- Appliances which are removed from the mouth and put back again, Removable dentures are total and partial dentures and dentures that are anchored on dental implants.


Specially designed prosthesis on dental implants, made in the edentulous cases when there is no possibility for other kind of fixed prosthetics. These dentures are fixed for dental implants and the dentist removes them from the mouth every six months for their maintenance.

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CAD-CAM technology for crowns and bridges

CAD-CAM technology for crowns and bridges
The latest Hi-tech  in Dentistry. It is used for crowns and bridges, made of special type of ceramic material - zirconium oxide, special types of steel and titanium. The advantage over existing methods is very precise and perfect fitting to the abutment, the favorable influence on teeth and contribution to a longer life of prosthetic restorations. The advantage over previous materials: Zirconium  oxide and titanium are biocompatible materials, which means that they do not cause allergic reactions and reactions to a foreign body in . Elaboration of prosthetic restorations, using this technology provides the highest aesthetic results.

CAD- computer aided design
Dental crowns are individually designed with computer technology. CAM means a computer-guided manufacturing of the crown are produced with precision of computational guided milling machine, which treats the material precisely, cuts the crown that was previously individually designed.

Zirconium oxide material

Zirconium oxide  material
Very resistant ceramic material with a hardness of 1300 MPa. Biocompatible material, which means it does not cause allergic reactions and foreign body reactions in the body. A good isolator, which further contributes to the protection of teeth from external thermal influence . This material that does not corrode. The chemical compound is zirconium and oxygen (ZrO2), which is referred to as zirconium oxide or zirconium oxide. Application: In addition to its applications in the space industry for the past 20 years it is used in medicine mainly for the production of artificial hip and in dentistry for making crowns and bridges. Clinical and technological studies confirm long-term reliability and success of zirconium oxide as a material for making posterior teeth where the chewing pressure is much higher.

Titanium ceramic prosthetics

Titanium ceramic prosthetics
Crowns and bridges on the titanium base, over which ceramic is applied are also made  withCAD-CAM technology . Titanium-ceramic crowns, with their biocompatibility and precision, positively affect the abutments and restorations and are very good choice for prosthetic restorations on implants. Titanium as the material is much (up to twenty times) lighter than the materials that have been used as a base for ceramic dental restorations,: it has favorable influence on the abutment teeth and dental implants. A dental implant and abutment on dental implants are also made of titanium.

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