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If there is enough tooth substance such tooth can be submitted to tooth bleaching with application of whitening gels in several sessions. When the desired color is achieved  a definite filing is placed on the tooth. In the event that the crown of the tooth severely damaged by decay solution is the creation of artificial crowns in the color of natural teeth.
Home teeth whitening is absolutely safe and it is very important to follow the advice given to you by your dentist.
Not if products recommended by your dentist are applied. There are a number of different products on the market but they do not give the desired effect.

Dark or damaged tooth represent an aesthetic problem that encourages patients to contact the dentist. Discoloration can occur during formation of teeth or as a result of taking certain antibiotics, but it can also be the induced by external factors such as excessive consumption of colored drinks, coffee, cigarettes etc. or because of long untreated caries, dental pulp necrosis etc. Teeth whitening are one of the basic methods of cosmetic dentistry. It is based on the oxido - reductive processes in dentin. The most common and safest method is a home teeth whitening with periodic monitoring executed by your dentist. The most important is to emphasize that this method is very simple, completely harmless to teeth and the achieved color is permanent. In a dental office, an impression of the patient’s teeth is taken and the model made, so that upon them we make silicone trays. After that,the patient, at home places special gels for bleaching (carbamide – peroxide based) in the trays and ware them over night. The concentration of carbamide – peroxide in the gel is determined by the dentist. Trays are used only at home and worn all night. They are designed to be perfectly comfortable for the patient, do not disrupt sleep and prevent sagging gel in the oral cavity .For overnight bleaching material is active, eight to ten hours. Gels have specially patented formula, for sensitivity as well as 20% water in its composition that prevents dehydration and the emergence of tooth sensitivity. The first results of bleaching are visible after five to seven days, and the whole process takes twenty to thirty days, depending on which color of teeth a patient wants to achieve. Teeth can be whitened for four to five shades.

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