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Dental imaging

Dental imaging


In our diagnostic center ,senior radiology technicians, specially trained and licensed for this kind of recording ar in charge of dental imaging. Their work is contro is performed by dentists with licenses for the control and protection against ionizing radiation and radiation activity.
The recording process is very fast, with printing of footage, it takes a few minutes, Dental imaging absolutely does not hurt and is not uncomfortable for the patient.
In addition to the modern digital cameras, minor radiation doses and radiation beam closely confined to the region that is recorded , we pay special attention and set high standards to protect the health of patients and staff, during recording. All patients are protected with special lead aprons that protect other parts of the body of the secondary ionizing radiation. All devices are certified by the agency for protection from ionizing radiation of the Republic of Serbia. Control of devices and staff is regularly performed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Protection "Dr Dragomir Karajović"
Recording is absolutely safe for children. While making x –rays for children ,special modes with reduced air field and much lower dose of radiation than normal, is used. Even if your dentist i does not emphasize the use of smaller air field for a child, the machine itself, based on the child's age does not allow other types of recording.

We are equipped with the latest digital equipment for dental and jaw imaging, that allows the diagnostics of superior quality in just few minutes. We are able to perform the digital recording of individual teeth as well as digital panoramic x ray in HD and Ultra HD resolution.The latest digital technology allows us to take dental images with 4-7 times less amount of radiation compared to conventional recording methods and with incomparably greater diagnostic value.Recording in our office is  performed by radiological technician who  have been additionally 
trained for this kind of recording and licensed to work in this field, control of their work  is performed  by dentists, trained to operate and control the sources of ionizing radiation.In addition to high-quality equipment that we use,  we set high standards in safety and health of patients.In our cabinet, both patients and staff  are fully protected in accordance with high standards
applied in the EU.
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Panoramic x ray

Panoramic x ray
One of the most common methods in dental X-ray diagnostics. It is panoramic imaging of the teeth, upper and lower jaw, temporomandibular joints and maxillary sinuses. 
It is used as diagnostic method in all areas of dentistry. With the help of modern equipment, produced in 2015, in our center, we produce high quality imaging in HD and Ultra HD resolution. After printing the image on a special medical foil or recording on digital media or sending over the Internet, the image quality is not diminishing.
The dentist has the possibility of additional analyses, using special software, without losing the quality, to be able to see the smallest detail which reduces the need for additional x rays.
This method is completely safe for patients of all ages and the amount of radiation when recording is minimal (up to 70% less than the analog recording). When x rays are made for kids, we use special programs with reductions of air fields in which the required amount of radiation is up to 60% less than in adult patients.

Digital scanogram

Digital scanogram
Scanogram or segmented panormic x ray  captures segments of the jaw (left, right, front or temporomandibular joints).
The method is based on using the device for recording digital panoramic x rays. When this kind of recording is necessary radiation is up to 75% less than in the digital panoramic x rays.
It is used when the dentist does not need insight into all teeth and anatomical structures,  it can replace several recording of individual teeth and with high image quality. Images made with this method, as well as all the others in our center can be further analyzed on a computer, printed on the special medical foil and transfer to digital media or sent via e mail

Digital recordings dentoalveolar RVG

Digital recordings dentoalveolar RVG
The recording of individual teeth, showing the teeth that we want to inspect and one or two adjacent teeth (depending on the region) and anatomical structures around the teeth.
In our center, rather than classical methods on film, we use digital radiovisiography -RVG sensor with CCD chip which replaces the film.
Using this method gives much more precise and clearer shot, greater diagnostic value than conventional x rays. Image immediately appears on the computer monitor. It is submitted to additional treatments with the special software which further enhances image quality, so that even the smallest details are easily noticeable . Images are printed on special medical foil, transferred to digital media or transmitted via e mail.
The radiation used in Digital dental diagnostics is up to 80% less than in analogous methods.
This type of digital recording provides a much better insight into the tooth and its supporting tissues and facilitates the diagnosis and subsequent treatment.
Given the many advantages, digital method is considered the method of choice when it comes to retroalveolar (individual) teeth x ray. This method has become the standard in developed countries and in some of them , the classical method is prohibited.

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