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Early detection of irregularities of teeth position gives a better prognosis for successful treatment. The first preventive inspection should be carried out 
around the seventh year.
No, it does not have to be completely metallic, ceramic brackets are almost invisible and ligatures (rubber bands, connecting wire and bracket) can be in different colors. The wire may be white and thus the complete orthodontic appliance is aesthetically very acceptable. When the conditions allow it, fixed orthodontic appliance can be placed on the inner side of the teeth. That creates some problems with speech but patients quickly adapt and modify speech.
You should wear it 14-16 hours a day; the longer wearing contributes to better and faster results.
When wearing a fixed appliance regular checks are usually carried out once a month.

Orthodontics (orthodontics) is a branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and correction of congenital and acquired tooth and jaw anomalies. We are able to provide a complete orthodontic diagnosis and treatment with removable and fixed orthodontic appliances for children and adults. In our practice orthodontic treatment is performed by Dr. sci.Milutin Obradovic, orthodontics, in cooperation with specialists from other dental branches. The main role of orthodontic appliances is to establish favorable jaw relations, the correct position of the teeth and accurate bite and thus achieving an excellent aesthetic results. Irregularly positioned teeth are very difficult to properly and successfully clean which leads to diseases of the mouth and teeth. Irregular position of the teeth is one of the most common predisposing factors for diseases of the supporting tissues : Periodontal disease. For a successful orthodontic treatment, it is necessary that all the decayed teeth are repaired, that the patient does not have diseases of the teeth and gums, as well as proper maintenance of oral hygiene. The most commonly used orthodontic appliances are fixed orthodontic appliances that are bonded to the tooth surface; they can be classic metal brackets or aesthetic ones, made from special ceramics or sapphire glass. After examination and diagnosis of our specialists will tell you that orthodontic treatment and suggest the best type of apparatus. Seek advice dentist can prevent the occurrence of orthodontic anomalies in the development of teeth and jaws of your child from birth.

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